bede wilson collection - part 1

Bede Wilson worked at the State Mine as a skip repairer and has donated his photographic collection to State Mine. Here is a selection if images from his collection of photos show interesting views of surface development at the State Mine from 1921 to 1929.

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State Mine 1929
State Mine 1921
The image that has become the State Mine masthead. A view taken in 1929 of the Railway Coal Mine and Power House.
A view of the early stages of construction of the State Coal Mine, Lithgow NSW taken in 1921.

State Mine 1922
State Mine 1922
Two early views of State Mine taken in 1922.

State Mine 1923 State Mine 1923 State Mine 1923

Some views of the Stables and Upcast Shaft, State Coal Mine, Lithgow, NSW 1923.

Looking towards the mine site in 1923.

State Mine 1924 State Mine 1924
Two images showing the erection of the Screening Plant in 1924.

Part 2 of this collection will be displayed here at a future date.